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Cheap iPhone 6 Insurance – Starting at €6.99 per month

Most people find that the iPhone insurance provided by their mobile providers is too expensive.

As displayed in the table below, if looking to cover an iPhone 6 and you use our Gadget Insurance, you will make a saving of €6.00 per month compared to Three, €5.00 per month compared to Meteor and €4.00 per month compared to Vodafone.

iPhone 6 Cover Including Loss Price per Month
Our Gadget Insurance €7.99
Vodafone €11.99
Meteor €12.99
Three €13.99

With the cost of replacing or repairing your now iPhone 6 likely to be significantly high, it makes sense to insure it. Our insurance cover for your new iPhone 6 starts at €6.99 per month, with additional loss cover for an additional €1 per month.