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Prepare Your Car For Winter Weather

As the winter weather begins to set in, it is essential that your prepare your car for winter driving. The winter weather puts extra stress on your car so it’s important to have all the parts in perfect working order. We’ve prepared some essentials to keep you and your car safe during the winter period.

  1. Battery

    Check the battery and charging system to ensure that they are reaching optimum performance. Cold frosty weather is hard on batteries so it’s best to get them checked and avoid having to jump-start your car this winter.

  2. Coolant

    Clean, flush and put new coolant in the cooling system. The coolant should generally be changed every two years to ensure that it can perform in the sub-zero temperatures. Also it’s important to note that if you’re topping up the coolant, it should be the exact same make as the coolant already in the system.

  3. Wiper Blades and Washer Fluid

    Check your wiper blades to see if they are worn and need replacement. It’s time to replace them if they begin to tear on the windscreen when in use. Also use cold weather washer fluid to prevent the fluid from freezing in the washer fluid tank.

  4. Heaters and Defrosters

    Make sure that your heaters and defrosters are working properly.

  5. Tyres

    Check the tyre thread depth and tyre pressure. It’s important to check the tyre depth on the whole tyre, both the inner and the outer area. If you’re tyres are wearing unevenly then you should bring them to a mechanic to have your wheels balanced. It’s also very important to check the tyre thread depth and tyre pressure of your spare wheel. Most people forget to check this but it’s so important in case you find yourself with a puncture.

  6. Oil

    Always change your engine oil and your oil filter at the intervals recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

  7. Service

    If your car is due a service, then it’s best to get it done now before the winter weather gets worse. Your mechanic can check that your car is fully prepared for the winter ahead. If you hear any unusual noises or smells from your car, then it’s best to get your car checked before it’s too late!

  8. Lights

    Check to see that all your lights are working. It’s important to make sure that your headlights are focused properly so that you don’t distract other road users.

  9. Other Essentials

    It’s also a good idea to keep de-icer in your car and an ice scraper for your windscreen. A torch and high visibility jacket are also essential if you ever run into car trouble.